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Green Focus Contracting is a company that people have grown to trust. Our company is privately owned and operated based in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

Our reputation for quality workmanship is our teams main focus.

Honesty, reliability and clear communication has given Green Focus Contracting the opportunity to deliver a wide range of projects across Queensland and into other states. Our install teams are hands-on and result driven professionals, guaranteeing that we will always be informed enough to address any challenge and be proactive in our approach to solving your individual needs.

Green Focus Contracting supports our clients by installing and servicing all customers in a prompt, professional and seamless manner, ensuring the highest quality experience and absolute best quality service available.


Our reputation is built through word of mouth from satisifed customers. Our team of experts will ensure you get the right system for your needs.

Solar Power Systems

Solar power is an amazing & fulfilling way to reduce your power bill . It is usually generated by solar panels (1) mounted on a tilt between 20 & 30 degrees. When sunlight falls on the panel it starts producing electricity. No moving parts. No noise. No fuss.

Solar panels produce direct current (DC). To power most household appliances and to be suitable for export to the electricity grid, the DC electricity needs to be converted to alternating current (AC).  This is carried out by the inverter (2).  Once the inverter has converted the power from DC to AC, the power is then used up in your house first.  What ever you don’t use then gets exported to the electricity grid (5).

Once you have had solar power installed, the local electricity authority in your area will change over your meter to a smart meter, which will meter what power comes in & goes out.  In many states this power is purchased from you at a higher price than you pay for your electricity. This is called a premium feed-in tariff.

The solar panels installed by Green Focus Contracting are warranted to produce at least 90% of their rated power output for 10 years, and at least 80% of rated output for 25 years. Most inverters come with a 5 year or 10 year warranty.

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